Stefan Malinowski

a.k.a. Wildcard

Hi, I'm Stefan Malinowski, a professional musician from the UK currently living and working in Dubai.

I sing and play Bass, Drums, Keys and Rhythm/Acoustic Guitar with an enormous repertoire built up by taking requests on many, many gigs

I act on stage and do occasional voiceover work when time permits.

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+971 50 4761309

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Maxx Music Bar




Playing Everything videos are videos... in which I... play everything. They're fun to do but it takes a couple of free days to put one together.

Demo videos for my Solo shows are also on my YouTube channels.

PDF Resumé

Download one of my resumés as a pdf, useful for F&B peoples or plugging it to the band or management.


PraXis is a 5 piece band playing 5 nights/week at Maxx Bar in the Citymax Hotel, al Barsha. We cover classic rock to current chart hits with me on bass and keys.

Lucky & The Beat

John and I have a chat and take requests whilst I switch between piano and acoustic guitar and he attempts to keep me in time.

Wildcard (Solo)

As a solo act I play acoustic guitar and/or piano. My massive and varied repertoire allows me to adapt to any venue and crowd or take requests.

Video and More...